We make work work by providing expert workplace advice, coaching and mentoring to employees, self-employed, and business.

What is being stuck at work costing you?

Maybe you are an employee…

feeling sick because you are struggling with your manager and don’t know where to go for help.  Or maybe, you really want that promotion to team leader but don’t even know how to start?

Maybe you are self-employed . . .

and really need to hire some one to help you with your project but haven’t a clue how to do it or what you even need. Or maybe, you are having trouble getting your client to understand that you are not their employee and don’t know how to start that conversation or manage the fall out?

Or maybe, you are a  business owner or manager . . .

and you really need to change the way you are running your team but you don’t know how to get them on board, how to make the change, and how to make it stick?

In other words, you are stuck.  And being stuck costs you time, money and stress!
WorkChum helps you manage that challenge, tackle that change, and gets you unstuck by providing you expert workplace advice, coaching and mentoring.
We help you bridge the gap between the challenge you face and the success you want.

Getting Started is just a click away!!

WorkChum provides expert workplace advice and coaching support to you so you can have a plan to tackle that workplace challenge, get that promotion, or take that big step toward your next career.
WorkChum provides expert workplace support to help you manage challenges as they come up and gives you the knowledge and support you need to get it right the first time.
As organisational and people management coaches, WorkChum helps you bridge the gap between you and your team, fixing broken work relationships, plugging your people into your profitability, and helps you build the right team and business environments to maximise engagement and growth in line with your organisational aims.
Ami Pendergrass and Gemma Dipple know a thing or two about work.

With a combined 30-years experience in HR, Law, and Coaching, they’ve seen and heard it all and they, too,  had challenges and change to manage.  Learn more about them and why they started WorkChum by clicking ‘About Us’.


‘WorkChum offered a valuable, safe, welcoming space where I could be myself in all my combined ability and mess. I didn’t have to have my ‘public presenting face’ on.

It was very tailored to my needs and my place at that time.  This is not off the shelf.  It was really everything onboarding wasn’t.

– Lisa, London

Shaliza Halani
Shaliza Halani
12:30 23 Oct 21
I've worked with Ami for over a year now specifically with Career Coaching and I cannot recommend her enough! At a time where I was very confused about where I wanted to go in my career, Ami's coaching sessions helped provide clarity and allowed me to set clear, actionable goals. Her sessions helped me find a new, more fulfilling role that was a step up both professionally and financially, and overall the process helped with my confidence both at work and in my personal life. The sessions were tailored to what I needed help/ focus on and was well worth the investment.
Katie Billingham
Katie Billingham
11:38 01 Oct 21
Met Ami and within minutes she had solved a huge scheduling problem for me that has reduced my work anxiety and is allowing me to work more effectively, communicate better with staff and grow my business. She cuts straight to the core of the issue working with you to see what you need. She is friendly and puts you at ease.Recommend Work Chum highly.
11:32 01 Oct 21
As a freelancer I felt completely lost when it came to everything HR related. WorkChum has provided that friendly hand to navigate through setting myself up. The 'Ask Wendy' section has soooooo many helpful tips which has been amazing!Ami is always on hand to motivate, educate and really help you build your knowledge on HR. Her guest speaker and informative talks on Instagram are brilliant.Cannot recommend enough, get chummy with WORKCHUM!
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